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Yes, I have been currently thinking about plants WAY too much lately (see here, here, and here).  In that vein…

You need a gift, but want something that isn’t disposable or just an afterthought.  Flowers are great, but they die after a few days or a week at best, and I’m sure we are all looking for something just a little more special than 1800-Flowers. So, I was excited to learn about The Sill out of NYC.

The Sill ships adorable air plants, ferns, mini cacti, succulents and more almost anywhere in the United States. I love the idea of sending something that will last longer than a few days or a week and could even be planted outdoors eventually.




It’s a gift that will certainly enhance a home or any space and will (hopefully) continue to grow!


The Sill has so many plants to choose from and each plant comes with a 30 day guarantee. Additionally, they come with care instructions specific to that particular plant.

Be sure to check out The Sill and give it a try – send yourself a plant and brighten up your office!


photos: The Sill


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