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photo: Urban Outfitters,  Decorating Your Space

CURRENTLY, I am trying to find more spaces in my house for airplants!  A recent gift from a friend got me on the airplant train and when I realized that they were the perfect addition to two sculptural vases {always on display, but seldom used} I knew I was on to something!


photo: The Guardian

You have probably seen airplants around – they are gaining popularity and becoming more readily available. But, if not – or if you simply don’t know a thing about them, you might be asking “what are air plants — exactly?”

Air plants are typically epiphtyc (meaning they often live harmlessly on the surface of other plants), tropical American plants with grasslike or fingerlike leaves through which water and airborne or waterborne nutrients are absorbed. They are typically easy to care for and PERFECT for anyone who has a fear of house plants or holds the belief they tend to kill anything green they touch.

photo: Warm Hot Chocolate

Though Air Plants are tough to kill, there are a few helpful tips when it comes to caring for air plants:

  1. They need constant air circulation – this is important for a healthy plant.
  2. They do need SOME moisture – from late spring to mid-autumn, mist them daily! And, during the winter, mist them only 1-2 times per week.
  3. In the spring and summer, fertilize them monthly using a low-nitrogen liquid fertilizer mixed at one-quarter strength – fertilize them, but do so weakly (don’t over-fertilize).
  4. DON’T let an air plant sit in a temperature colder than 45 degrees – they can’t take anything lower. If you live in Zone 9 or warmer, you can grow your plant outdoors all year if you are able to keep it dry during the winter.
  5. Although they LOVE warm weather, air plants need protection from full sunlight. If it’s a type that grows wild on trees in nature, be sure to keep them in moist, partial shade. If it’s a ground type, grow it indoors in a bright, filtered light. Or, if kept outdoors, in partial shade. i.e. it’s important to know what type of air plant you purchase and to do a little research on that particular plant – try to replicate it’s natural environment the best that you can.


photo: Airplantman 

Overall, air plants can make beautiful additions to nearly any space and are especially attractive in terrariums or hanging in glass containers. I love the idea of giving an air plant as a gift as well – low maintenance, interesting and attractive, they’re always a hit!

Looking for your own?  Try Air Plant Supply Co. 

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