Currently: Five Things I Can’t Live Without

five favorite things

We all have things that we can’t imagine not having and not using, and I wanted to share a few of my current favorites with you.

I have been searching tirelessly for an actual comfortable pair of boots- the ones I can walk in a city like New York or San Francisco for days.  I finally found them!  These teva boots are quite literally the most comfortable and stylish pair of boots out there {believe me, I tried them all!}.

My biggest “LA” moment, getting hooked on Butter Coffee!  Putting butter and coconut oil in my coffee not only offers some incredible health benefits, but is also delicious. Drinking this in the morning can help you burn fat – all day and is a dose of healthy fat to reduce the risk of heart disease.

While we’re on a health kick, the Cloud of Protection is a staple in my bathroom and car.  It cleans bad smells out of any environment – immediately. The formula contains anti-microbial essential oils to fight airborne bacteria and viruses. They clear out an air of negativity and cleanse the space.

I also recently discovered the beauty of Air Plants as a great way to enhance a space. I use these plants to fill artful vases that are on display, but rarely get filled with fresh flowers.

And lastly, I never go anywhere without my cashmere dipped scarf from Fig & Bella – whether you are taking it to travel or simply add that extra layer – it keeps the cold out, and keeps you looking pretty stylish too.

Shop this image: 1 Teva Boots  / 2 Fig & Bella scarf / 3 Air Plant / 4 Butter/ Coconut Oil Coffee / 5 Cloud of Protection



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