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I’m excited to share a special post today about the new business venture of my dear friend Mary Monckton.  Mary has been working in the world of communications for the past 17 years and through this has become an expert on human behaviors – our patterns, choices, and how we express our identities to the world around us.  In the last decade, Mary evolved from a 25-year-old living in a small ski town to a 35-year-old mom establishing a life and home in Austin, and began to notice her personal style evolving right along side her.  Her new venture, Perch Style is all about empowering and inspiring you to view what you wear as an extension of yourself by reviewing, redefining, and refreshing your wardrobe.

With years of experience working with individuals on a one-on-one level, Mary hopes to bring this type of relational work to Perch Style, to truly help individuals communicate with the world through their wardrobes.  She strives to help you find your own voice through clothing, weather it is in a professional environment, for a special event, or just the day and day job of being a mom, all while keeping the “you” in your clothing choices.

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“I have come to thoroughly enjoy honing in on my personal style and realizing what joy and inspiration can come from a creative and internal perspective on clothes.  I want to share this perspective with my clients and redefine the idea that fashion is a way we communicate to the world around us.”

Perch Style services include: remote styling (perfect if you aren’t in the Austin area), special event styling (weddings, packing for trips, and more), a closet review (analysis of your current closet – what to keep, what to store, what to get rid of, and how you’d like to see your personal style change and why), and the grand Review, Redefine, Refresh 3-step package which includes a closet review, a shopping session, and a refresh of your wardrobe.

Learn more about her services on Mary’s website here!

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