Mother’s Day Thoughts & Gift Guide

When I was young I hated that everyone compared me to my mother.  When you see us together, the family connection is obvious, but in my teens I just wanted to be my own person.  Now that I am older, its obvious that I am my mother’s daughter, but in so many other ways than in appearance.  My mother was confident, creative, loud, caring, opinionated, selfless, hard-headed, and extremely tender-hearted.  She has shown me how to love, receive love, and remain committed. I have been able to take risks, expanded my horizons, and fearlessly venture into new territory with the knowledge that I had her support, and that I would never have too far to fall.  I would not be who I am today without my mother, and I think that I am doing pretty darn good!  So, THANK YOU mom for giving me the tools and helping me succeed in building a wonderful life for myself.  I love you!

This is the first Mother’s Day where I am not in the shop or partnering with South First shops La Patisserie and Mercedes Flowers for the Sweet Suite.  Although our gift package of jewelry, macarons, and flowers was pretty genius, you still have time to grab a few goodies and make your own Sweet Suite!  I’ve complied a few ideas to help you get started and am offering FREE Priority Shipping through the fail website.  Use code “MamaKnows” at checkout after choosing Priority Shipping.  You can find all of these gift ideas, and a few others, are on our Gift Ideas pinboard.


  1. Link Bracelet, fail, $74
  2. DIY Paper Peonies, Blooms In The Air
  3. Champers Nail Lacquer, Butter London, $15
  4. Forest Animal Tea Towel Bundle, Gingiber, $45
  5. Tribal Crescent, fail, $42
  6. Teakwood & Tobacco Soy Candle, PF Candle Co., $16
  7. Marfa Tote, Graham Keegan, $54
  8. Green Tea Macarons, Bisou Bisou Macaron $20
  9. Rustic Garden Soap, Tokyo Factory, $8
  10. Turquoise Dome Necklace, fail, $105
  11. Rockin’ Votives, Pigeon Toe Ceramics, $100

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