Three Knocks at Narwhal

It was several weeks ago during Austin’s EAST {east austin studio tour} that I was enchanted by the pieces by artist Katy Horan.  A few days after the tour ended, I received a “thank you” email with a little more info on Katy and what she was up to- which happened to be the amazing Three Knocks group show at Narwhal.  Below is just a preview and you can check out the entire show and current and past Narwhal shows here.  I know that if I make it to Toronto, this gallery is absolutely on my list of must see spaces.  Enjoy!

Using darkness as a starting point, each artist has created a body of work through a monochromatic medium. Drawing inspiration from the despair and dramatics found in antiquated practices, superstitions and folklore, the artists reveal glimpses into the corners of our collective memory, illuminating mortal fears and the practices developed to control the human condition that plagues us all- via Narwhal.

Katy Horan - Departed III

Katy Horan - Bereaved II

Katy Horan - Departed II

Adrienne Kammerer - Hypnos and Thanatos pay an unwelcome visit

Adrienne Kammerer - Haunted Hobbiest

Adrienne Kammerer - Woodland Wanderers

Jamiyla Lowe - The Hunters

Jamiyla Lowe - The Green Forest

Jamiyla Lowe - Dark Carnival

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