Carpet Bag

Lately I have been noticing that I desperately need a large tote bag.  I am a huge proponent of a small purse when going out, however, for the day-to-day when you have a water bottle, leftovers for lunch, packages, bills, scarf, AND the small purse, you need something to hold it all together!  I am ashamed to admit it but I am currently using a horrible reusable grocery bag to tote things between home, car, work, and back again.  It is just not cool and things are about to change!

Below are my favorite handcrafted options from Etsy with prices ranging from $19.99 – $300.  Now, which one to get!?!

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I found Manimal this morning in my inbox via Daily Candy.  I really really wish I would have found them this past fall, but you can be sure I will be wearing their moccasins by next! Expect some of the S 2011 jewelry in the store this spring!

In their own words – a little about their F/W 2010

Taking cues from Inuit imagery and the darks and brights of winter—
this collection features contrasts in texture and weightier leather moccasins perfect for stomping around on cold winter nights.

Appliqued details borrow shapes from mask and totem pole art to give
wearer’s a beautiful option for carrying themselves and belongings through chaotic city streets and silent wooded paths.

And let’s be honest—these pieces are going to look great with your
sisters threadbare Guns n’ Roses tee shirt that you stole away when she went to college.

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Enourmous Champion {studio tour}

One of my favorite gifts in the store right now is the very  adorable Squirrlley Love set from Enormous Champion. Of course, it is a great V-Day gift that is cheesy in all the right ways, but it also can make a fantastic 5th year anniversary gift (wood!).

Grain Edit just recently posted a studio tour of with the brains behind the operation, Jason Wong & Jordan Provost, and I just had to share some of my favorites. Check out there entire post here.

I especially loved finding out that the Kingdom Animalia, from which Squirrelly Love comes, was originally created as the table indicators for their wedding. Instead of numbers, guests were given an animal to find at tables.

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bklyn dry goods

While in NYC for market I ran out to Brooklyn for a day at the flea markets.  While at Artists & Fleas in Williamsburg I stumbled upon a fantastic pop up shop from bklyn dry goods.  The styling was spot on, the guys were super sweet, and there concept is down to earth and exactly what I love- stylish and accessible.  Check out their website.  They will be launching e-commerce soon and I know my man can expect some treats in the future.

(please pardon the blurry pics – still figuring out my new phone!)

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Since I am on the mobile kick, I thought I would explore the genius behind the mobile – Alexander Calder. I was in Chicago at the MCA a while back and was mesmerized, once again. Calder’s line is so simple and fluid yet so expressive. I am at a loss for more eloquent ways to describe how happy his work makes me.

Alexander Calder (1898-1976), whose illustrious career spanned much of the 20th century, is one of the most acclaimed and influential sculptor of our time. Calder utilized his innovative genius to profoundly change the course of modern art. He began by developing a new method of sculpting: by bending and twisting wire, he essentially “drew” three-dimensional figures in space.

In the fall of 1931, a significant turning point in Calder’s artistic career occurred when he created his first truly kinetic sculpture and gave form to an entirely new type of art. The first of these objects moved by systems of cranks and motors, and were dubbed “mobiles” by Marcel Duchamp—in French mobile refers to both “motion” and “motive.” Calder soon abandoned the mechanical aspects of these works when he realized he could fashion mobiles that would undulate on their own with the air’s currents. Jean Arp, in order to differentiate Calder’s non-kinetic works from his kinetic works, named Calder’s stationary objects “stabiles.”

Calder also devoted himself to making outdoor sculpture on a grand scale from bolted sheet steel. Today, these stately titans grace public plazas in cities throughout the world. – via

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Last year I purchased a sweet Flensted swallow mobile from my favorite gift store spartan as a wedding gift for my dear friends Ryan and Alicia.  This fall I was lucky enough to sleep beneath it in the guest room of their Cambridge flat.  I must say, there is something magical about waking up, bathed in soft light, watching the birds flying whimsically above.  Definitely not just for the kiddie rooms.

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contemporary bridal {on a budget}

One of my favorite characteristics of Austin it its laid-back, unpretentious, and unassuming lifestyle.  I also prefer to translate this into choices for a bridal band.  Here are a few great options that fit into your lifestyle, and compliment your sense of style, while not breaking the bank.  Now what are you going to do with all of that extra money!


rebecca overman - sterling silver and diamonds - $290

yasuko azuma - black rhodium and diamond band - $385

melissa joy manning - yellow saphhire ring - $540

kamofie - textured band with three diamonds - $565

yayoi forest - twinkle ring - $480

carla caruso - tiny polkadot with sapphire - $191

sarah graham - black steel and congnac diamond - $675

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The Reason

Any of my friends can tell you that I am a firm believer in “everything happens for a reason”.

Exactly one year ago this month I found myself a victim of the downturn in the economy.  Honestly, I knew it was coming and had been preparing for it over the previous 4 months, but it did not take the panic out of the moment one bit.  I cannot say that I would have taken the plunge willingly instead of being forced into that new reality, yet there I was, thankfully surrounded by my amazingly supportive friends and family, and one pretty special man, trying to figure out how to make it on my own.

I began small, focusing on what I knew – simple elegant jewelry and craftsmanship.  What began as a focused line of jewelry and a select group of artisans has now blossomed into a quaint retail store in eclectic South Austin and burgeoning wholesale line run out of my studio in the back.

Just one year later I sit around in my shop & studio and really can’t believe this is my life!  Some nights (usually Friday’s) I am in the store late, making jewelry and watching re-runs on the computer, but other days I get to sleep in and go to yoga before starting my day.  It was, and continues to be, a lot of hard work, but at the end of the day I am so fulfilled.

Because I can’t say it enough – my deepest gratitude to everyone that lent a hand, a kind word, their expertise, and undying support.  I only hope that soon I am able to repay the favor, if I have not already.  This adventure is only greater because you all share in it with me!

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