Utilitarian Bangle
| utilitarian bangle | hand-forged and hammered for a subtle texture, a closed design allows it to slip on over your knuckles, available in brass, 14K yellow gold-fill and sterling silver | #failjewelry
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Utilitarian Bangle

$ 58.00

Thick and rustic, our Utilitarian bangle is a perfect casual basic for any collection. Hand-forged and hammered for a subtle texture, this bangle features a closed design, allowing it to slip on over your knuckles. Whether worn alone as an elegant statement, or stacked with your other favorites, it is sure to add an effortless look to your style.

Available in four sizes, in brass, 14K yellow gold-fill, and sterling silver.

XS - 2 1/4"
S - 2 3/8"
M - 2 9/16"
L - 2 11/16"

To determine which size bangle you need, measure the width of your closed fist from the center of your pointer knuckle, to the center of your pinky knuckle. This is your desired inner diameter for a bangle.

The last image is our bangle measurement reference. 



Our bracelets put a textured, contemporary spin on traditional cuffs and bangles.