With a BFA in studio art, designer Christine Fail's background is firmly rooted in art and design. After five years working for two internationally renowned jewelry designers, selling to the country's top retailers, and working directly with customers, Christine decided to realize her experience and expertise in her own vision, fail.

Christine's mission is to provide quality handmade jewelry at accessible price points. Each piece is delicately handcrafted in 14K gold-fill, sterling silver & brass in Austin, TX. Christine’s aesthetic is focused on understated elegance, attention to line and proportion, and an organic, yet delicate feeling. Modern yet classic, fail embodies the spirit of Austin- pieces that transition effortlessly from a   t-shirt and jeans to the little black dress.


The fail design aesthetic is focused on understated elegance, attention to line and proportion, and an organic, yet delicate feeling. As a result of Christine’s background in metalsmithing, a hammer touches all of her pieces. Because each piece starts out as wire or sheet, and the form is created by cutting and hammering, each piece is truly unique.

Because of past studio limitations, Christine chose not to solder or use cast pieces in her designs and relied solely on what are called, cold-connection. Having to rely on cold connections only has really pushed the design process forward. Christine chooses to be more innovative and creative with her technique and style, to set herself apart from other designers. It has also helped keep diversity in price-points within the collection keeping it affordable and attainable. 

Christine designs 2 new collections a year. The fail line is made up of classic pieces, like hoops and cuffs, which are the timeless, everyday pieces, that are quite affordable. However, it is with the seasonal collections that Christine experiments, tries new techniques, and becomes a little bolder in her design. Her goal is to always stay ahead of the trend, to always innovate, and to move forward.


The move to the new studio has allowed for more custom and one-of-a-kind experimentation and creation, including custom ceremony rings.

Expanding on the success of the contemporary ceremony section began at Schatzelein, Christine designs and crafts custom rings with the modern woman or man in mind.  True to the fail design aesthetic the rings are rustic, organic, delicate, and yet refined.

The custom design process begins with an initial consultation and deposit of $200.  During the consultation a budget is determined, inspirations and materials are discussed, a timeline is set, and Christine leaves ready to begin sketching and designing.  Sketches including pricing are then provided for evaluation. Once a final design is agreed upon, the remaining deposit is required to begin creation.  Custom pieces take 2-3 months from design to completion.

Contact Christine to begin discussion on creating your own custom piece!