Meet the Fail Jewelry Team

The Fail Jewelry team is responsible for operating the East Austin storefront and bringing each and every piece of jewelry to life in their studio. We’re proud of these talented women and artists who pay an extreme amount of attention to the details of each item.

Fail Jewelry Studio Manager Megan




Studio manager Megan not only keeps orders marching out the door but is also the lead production assistant, trainer, and assists Christine with troubleshooting new designs and pricing. Always with a project going, from 3-D printing to embroidery, Megan is the definitive craftswoman who loves working with her hands. When she isn’t in the studio you may find her watching sci-fi, playing video games or curled up with a comic book. She also loves to spend time outdoors, especially hiking, and is the favorite of our studio cat, Banjo.

Fail Jewelry Fine Jewelry Production Assistant Lindsay

Fine Jewelry

Production Assistant


A true-crime enthusiast, a former roller derby skater, and budding triathlete, Lindsay balances her intense interests with an easygoing attitude. An early riser, she often runs several miles before brightening our day in the studio —sometimes with scratch-made cinnamon rolls in hand. As a production assistant with over a decade in metalsmithing, Lindsay is the lead production assistant working on fine jewelry and assists Christine with new fine jewelry designs and custom pieces.

Fail Jewelry Retail Store Manager Sara

Retail Store



Sara is an Austin jewelry veteran—just like Christine—with 10+ years of knowledge and experience. The two have worked alongside one another throughout their careers, which made Sara a natural choice to helm the flagship. Like most of us, Sara moved to Austin for college and loved it so much she decided to stay. When not in the store, Sara enjoys reading and baking, and is currently planning her next big adventure with her 4-year-old daughter Madeleine.

Fail Jewelry Part-Time Production Assistant Sammy


Production Assistant


Part-time production assistant Sammy spends her days making music and learning, either in the studio or at school, where she’s working towards her degree. She and her husband recently moved to Austin after falling in love with the city during their very first visit. A free spirit, Sammy prefers to let life meander organically, and we’re so pleased that path led her to us.

Fail Jewelry Part-Time Production Assistant Isabel


Production Assistant


Isabel is the newest member of the Fail Jewelry production team but is quickly becoming an integral part of our studio. When not at work, Isabel is a professional graphic illustrator with a keen eye and strong attention to detail—two qualities that are in high demand in the studio. A native Austinite, Isabel is a budding herbalist and enjoys nature and the outdoors. You can often find her frequenting her favorite Austin shops The Herb Bar and Nature’s Treasures.