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Cleaning and Storing Your Jewelry

At fail, it is always my goal to have your jewelry look as good as the day you bought it, but sometimes your pieces just need a little help from you to keep them looking their best. To give you a little guidance, I have pulled together a few basic recommendations for keeping and storing your jewels.


1. First rule for brass and bronze jewelry, don’t wear your jewelry in water! Water and humidity will wreck havoc on your finish.

2. Remove jewelry and accessories, especially rings, before applying lotion or other beauty products to prevent a film of product from building up on your pieces.

3. Invest in a Polishing Cloth- this is quick and easy to carry around with you, even when you travel. You might make a habit of even quickly rubbing down your pieces when you take them off at night or at least once a week. These Sunshine Cloths are highly recommended!

4. Although it isn’t pretty, storing your silver and brass pieces in a small plastic bag with Tarnish Tabs will help keep them looking like new –especially in humid environments.

5. For storing necklaces, if you leave the clasp hanging out of the top of the plastic storage bag and then close the ziplock, you will have less tangling. Never store more than one necklace in a single bag

6. Find a good travel jewelry case to keep pieces from scratching each other and tangling when traveling like this Stackers Jewelry Wrap.

7. Some items simply need to be professionally cleaned, especially rings with translucent stones like diamonds or filigree and detailed metal work. All jewelry stores should have an ultra sonic cleaner or steamer and should be able to clean your piece in minutes while you browse.

What tips or tricks have you discovered to keep your pieces looking their best? I would love to know!

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