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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I lost half of my pair of earrings, what can I do?

    Good news! We can make a matching ½ pair for ½ the current retail price plus $4 for shipping as long as the materials are available. Contact us to start the process.

  • Can I customize a piece?

    Since all pieces are made-to-order, there is a lot of room for customization. Common customizations include a different metal color, wanting a necklace at a different length, the size of a hoop, or setting a different color of precious stone. Contact us to see what is possible.

  • It's the holidays, what is your exchange policy?

    We are happy to extend our exchange window during the holidays season. Online holiday purchases made in December will be available for return or exchange and in-person holiday purchases are available fore exchange only through January 10th. So relax, they'll love it, or be able to exchange it for something they do!  Please refer to our policies page to view the different return/exchange policies for each situation. 

  • How do I determine my ring size?

    For the most accurate size we suggest going to a local jeweler, however we also have a free ring sizer available online. 

  • My package hasn't arrived yet. What can I do?

    If your package has not arrived as expected we have a few options. Insurance and USPS require us to wait 2 weeks from the date of shipment for a domestic shipment to file a claim with insurance and declare a package officially lost. At this time we can refund your invoice in full or send out a replacement. This allows for any packages that have simply been delayed to get delivered.  If you need a replacement sooner you can purchase the item again through our website.  Once the missing package either arrives and is returned to our studio, or is declared officially lost we will refund your original amount including the original shipping charge.

  • How do I clean the sterling silver beads on my hoops and crescents?

    We are now excited to sell our own silver cleaner available for purchase here.

    We also have a simple home remedy for cleaning silver: Place your piece in a bowl on top of a piece of aluminum foil, along with equal parts baking soda and salt, and then cover with boiling water. With a little swishing, the tarnish will move from your pieces onto the foil.

    *We do not recommend this process for all metals, stones, and finishes. Please ask for cleaning instructions for other materials

  • I'm sending this as a gift. How will it be packaged?

    Each piece is packaged in a pouch within a box, and we never include the receipt. Please let us know in your order's notes section if you'd like to include a gift message.

  • How do I return or exchange an item?

    Please refer to our policies page for instructions.

  • What is gold-fill?

    Gold-fill is composed of a solid layer of gold bonded with heat and pressure to a base metal such as brass. Gold-filled items, even with daily wear, can last five to 30 years but will eventually wear through. The gold layer on gold-plated jewelry varies greatly depending on manufacturer, so there is no single, simple comparison. Gold-filled items are 50 to 100,000 times thicker than regular gold plating and 17 to 25,000 times thicker than heavy gold electroplate (wikipedia).

  • I'd like to give Fail Jewelry pieces to my wedding party. Do you offer a discount?

    We are always honored to outfit bridal parties. For any orders of 3 or more of the same item, we will happily extend a 15% discount for the entire order. Contact us to learn more.

  • I damaged my piece of Fail Jewelry. Can I have it fixed?

    More than likely, we can fix your piece for a small charge however we do not repair other designers jewelry. Contact us to determine what can be done and how much it will cost.

  • Can I get an EPIC Fine Jewelry piece in 14K Rose Gold or White Gold?

    Yes, you can order any item in 14K rose or white gold. However, special orders are not returnable. If you are unsure about the piece we suggest ordering in 14K yellow gold, which is returnable, to evaluate the style and your preference. If you want to move forward you can exchange the yellow gold piece for the special order. Contact us to talk through the process.

  • Does brass or bronze tarnish?

    All of our brass pieces have been treated to help prevent tarnish; however, over time the coating will wear down.

    We coat our brass earrings with a micro-crystalline wax polish. Our bracelets are left bare as they are easy to polish with a cloth and often polish themselves when worn.

    There are some ways to help keep your brass and bronze looking new. We always recommend refraining from getting your brass/bronze pieces wet or spraying hair products or perfume while wearing your piece to help maintain the finish. Using a polishing cloth, toothpaste, or even ketchup are all great ways to clean your brass/bronze at home. We will also gladly recondition any piece to help restore it to its previous finish. Contact us to begin the process.

  • How do I determine my bracelet size?

    To determine which size bangle you need, please refer to the sizing diagram with each bracelet.

  • When will I receive my USPS International First Class package?

    Depending on your country, USPS First Class International Package will arrive between 2 to 4 weeks; however, on occasion international shipments can take up to 6 weeks. Each country has differing customs laws, and in some cases orders may be inspected by customs, delaying the delivery. Please allow for 6 weeks to pass before reaching out regarding a missing shipment. 

    If you need the product before the delivery window has passed, we advise that you make an additional purchase and upgrade the shipping to USPS Priority International Mail. A refund will be processed once the extra item is returned to our studio.

  • What if I never receive my USPS 1st Class International Package shipment after 6 weeks?

    If your shipment is lost in the mail, please allow 42 calendar days to pass before requesting a replacement order. Our studio will file a claim with the shipping company, but you may be asked to sign a the claims form verifying that the expected package was never received. Once this is complete, the replacement will be shipped via USPS International First Class package, unless you wish to upgrade to USPS Priority International Mail at an additional cost.