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I believe

Our actions have consequences, both good and bad.


There are better ways to pull minerals from the earth and we have the ability to harness their beauty and energy and enrich peoples lives in the process while treating the earth with respect.


This is the beginning of a long journey. We can't let perfection become the enemy of progress but we will always strive to do better!


Transparency, honesty and truthfulness are possible, without greenwashing.

Fairmined® Gold

Claims of sustainability through the use of recycled gold are false. For me there is a better way forward and it is through the use of Fairmined® gold.

Fairmined® is an assurance label that certifies gold from empowered responsible artisanal and small-scale mining organizations. It transforms mining into an active force for good, ensuring social development and environmental protection, providing everyone with a source of gold to be proud of.

I am a proud Fairmined® license holder and are currently working on transitioning my entire collection to Fairmined® gold!

Ethically Mined Gemstones

Most gemstones are pulled from the earth in ways that damage the environment and often exploit workers. While not every stone has this history, I prioritize working with stones that are traceable from mine-to-market whenever possible.

I dive deep into ethical mining and the diamond industry in the Journal to help us all understand our options and the tradeoffs we make when choosing what we all hope is a truly ethical gemstone.

In The Studio

An ethical studio starts with reducing our carbon footprint and minimizing the use of toxic chemicals, yet it also includes a flexible workplace that offers healthcare and allows for work life balance including a 4-day work week.

Over the past 3 years I have eliminated single use plastics, moved to 100% recycled, recyclable or compostable shipping materials, and dramatically reduced our dependency on the convenience of free overnight delivery. I prioritize working with local vendors to support and strengthen our community and actively share our knowledge and mentor designers to raise the tide for all ships.

Building Community

There is a community of like minded artisans and professionals eager to share their knowledge and resources. As an ative member I am constantly benefitting from their knowledge passion and resources while contributing my own. It is this spirit of community that, in my mind, defines the true spirit of Austin.

I am a proud licencensed Fairmined® brand, and members of Ethical Metalsmiths, The Women's Jewelry Association and The Austin Gem & Mineral Society.

A starting line

Sustainability and Ethics are a bit new in the jewelry industry. There is a lot of greenwashing going on all around, and filtering out the noise can be difficult. I've spent years asking hard questions and finding my solutions the best I could.

I am gradually finding more suppliers that align with my ethics and am transitioning my collection to sustainable and traceable sources. This will take time but the tides are turning, and customers like you are making their voices heard.

I note sustainable materials wherever used in our product desciptions. If you are interested in a sustainable option not currently available, let us know! Sustainably sourced items do come at a premium, but they also come with peace of mind.