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Custom Ceremony {Update}

One of the main reasons for closing Schatzelein last year and building a studio behind our house was to give me more time to expand fail along with expanding my creative talents and skills.  Designing and crafting custom ceremony rings was something I wanted to focus on, not only because I think Austin needs more non-traditional ceremony rings, but because it also allows me to push my creativity.  The stress and excitement of creating a wedding band in precious metal with precious stones is thrilling and nerve racking, but the results are absolutely worth it.  Being a part of that process, and being honored to create a ring that signifies a commitment as important as marriage is pretty special.

My goal in creating custom rings is to make rings that are organic, unique, every-day wearable, and price conscious.  My customer doesn’t want to see another woman with the same ring and generally need a ring that is just as easy to leave on, as take off.  I tend to love a hammered texture, and organic bezel is my preferred setting, and I love to offset it with flush-set small precious stones.

So… here are a few of the rings that I have created in the past few weeks and months.  More are in the works and will come soon!

Stalnecker-Stengle Ring 3

Martin Ring 3

oval rosecut diamond in 18k yellow gold

MIchelle Ring 3

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