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Process – Ra Hinge Bracelet

I am finally getting back to showing you some more insight into our “process” and what it takes to bring these pieces to life.  This week I am focusing on the now classic Ra Hinge Bracelet.

The Ra Hinge Bracelet was originally introduced as part of the Giza collection in Fall 2012.  Giza was my first wholehearted attempt to incorporate semi-precious stones into the fail collection in new and unexpected ways.  I didn’t want to just wire wrap some stone and throw them onto a piece but I wanted my pieces to stand apart from the masses.  My solution was to tube rivet sterling silver bezel cups onto hand-cut and hammered brass sheet, allowing me to include bezel set stones using only cold connections.  It wasn’t long until the Ra Hinge Bracelet was one of our better sellers and a classic fail style.  Enjoy!fail_jewelry_process_of_a_piece


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