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fail – Behind the Scenes

As some of you may know, my journey over the past 3 years has been pretty amazing, crazy, and not at all expected!  When I was laid off, 3 1/2 years ago, it wasn’t necessarily a surprise, but getting a “pink slip” isn’t easy, no matter how prepared you are.  I was lucky enough to have a plan in place, and the push I needed, to start out on my own.

Although I had a plan, I definitely didn’t know that this is where I would end up!  So many things happened, in just the right way, at the exact right time.  Platforms like Etsy were still relatively new on the scene, the idea of handmade and local were picking up momentum, and bloggers and small design publications began focusing on the little guy- the artists and maker.  And in 3 years time, even the big guys are now paying attention to what their customers want – a personal connections with the products they are buying!

I put together this video to give a little more insight into my  background, process, and motivations.  It also happens to be a part of my application for the 2nd Annual Martha Stewart American Made competition.

So, if you like what I do, I would love to get your vote!  And feel free help out by posting, tweeting, and instagramming letting everyone know about fail!

The magnitude of change is always difficult to see from the inside, but I am confident that there is a revolution happening in the United States, and it is exciting to say that I am a small part of it.

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