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Local Threads

While traveling recently, I kept going into small local boutiques carrying clothing from independent designers, at reasonable price points.  I am a big supporter of local shops, eateries, and makers, but realized that I didn’t have a go-to for clothing here in Austin.  I started to scratch my head thinking of where I could shop locally in Austin for clothing, and better yet, clothing from independent makers, that was affordable.

When thinking of this, and polling the girls in the office, we all came up blank.  There are a ton of vintage stores in Austin, a handful of local shops that carry cheap “party girl” clothing, and super pricy stores that carry amazing clothing, just not in my budget.  Honestly, I think this is a recurring theme in Austin’s retail scene, and was one of the reasons that I originally opened Schatzelein.   Its this type of conversation that really makes me sad about closing the doors to Schatzelein in May.  I know there is a population out there looking to find high quality and high fashion pieces locally and affordably.

I wanted this post to highlight some of Austin’s best local clothing boutiques, but now its turned into a call for suggestions.  Please, tell me where you shop locally for clothing, and better yet, clothing from independent makers.  Hopefully I will have some places to scope out and share with you all soon!

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