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Not Your Parents Vinyl

The studio design & build is coming along!  They marked out the foundation yesterday and are unloading the lumber as we speak!  I’m now finalizing the details for the interior, and specifically picking out the flooring.  I was surprised when my builder suggested I look at vinyl flooring.  He recently used it on a job and was surprised at how great it all turned out.

So, I found myself at The Home Depot checking it out and going crazy with all of the options!  Not only are there around 20 different color variations, but some are quite textured on the surface, really giving the planks the look of real wood (ish).  And bonus, they are super resilient and water resistant which is perfect for the studio environment.  I have gathered some images of vinyl plank flooring below to give you an idea of all you can do with it!  And if you are interested, I officially choose Barnwood and placed my order this morning!



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