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Well, I sure haven’t been keeping up in 2013!  Sorry for the silence, but we took a little break, did some remodeling in the studio, and then there was my bachelorette party in NOLA {what happens in NOLA stays in NOLA}.  But now it seems that I am back in the swing of things a bit.

I was perusing the web today and found a post by Kate Miss that got me interested.  I have been having a little bit of an obsession with tie-dye and hand-dye lately {probably after missing out on Maura Ambrose’s Shibori Class at Feliz} and the new collection by Ermie just hit the spot.  The dresses and skirts are especially amazing.  And definitely stay tuned, as I am sure there will be some tie-dye DIY’s in the future!


8184000_8184000-R1-E025_copy Ermie_Collection2_0-35_copy Ermie_Collection2_0-49_copy Ermie_Collection2_0-100_copy Ermie_Collection2_0-121_copy

Ermie_Collection2_0-1_copy Ermie_Collection2_0-122_copy ErmieCollection2_3 ErmieCollection2_8

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