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Reflection and Anticipation

More and more, the holiday season has changed its meaning for me over the past few years {probably because I am buried under a pile of jewelry, just hoping to see the light}.   It really isn’t until after Christmas that I have time to breath, think, and cherish.  Thus, I have started looking more to the New Year as a time for celebration, reflection, and inspiration.

2012 held some big changes and growth with both Schatzelein & fail.  I finally got the right creative and enthusiastic ladies to join the team {yay for Sara, Jen & Katie!}, produced my very first photo shoot & look book, began traveling to sling jewelry at the Renegade shows in Brooklyn, San Francisco, and Chicago, participated in the first annual WEST, continued to build my community of amazing maker friends and advisers, added some amazing shops to the fail family, and celebrated my 2 year anniversary.  And that’s just my professional life!  Don’t even get me started on planning a wedding…

2013 has even more exploration, adventure, and uncharted waters.  As Schatzelein enters its third year, you can expect to see an evolution as we develop new partnerships, implement some capitol improvements, and strive to promote our independent designers in bigger and better ways.  There are also big plans for fail in 2013 as well.  Not only will the S13 collection from fail debut soon, but there are rumors of fail HOME {functional and beautiful accessories & home decor}, coming in late spring, followed by a fall 2013 in late summer.  I am also gearing up to take fail to our 1st trade show in Las Vegas this summer in efforts to spread the fail love to a city near you!  Oh yeah, and there is a wedding somewhere in there!

In 2013 I am striving to do what I can and do it well, measure myself against no-one, delegate, take time off, unplug, read, make lots of lists, make lots of things {for fun}, finish projects, savor the moments, and love without prejudice or judgement.

Thanks to all of my amazing friends, supporters, and loved ones.  I am truly lucky every day.

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