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My Father’s Daughter

I took a day last week to knock a lot of wedding stuff off the list {that’s right, I am getting married!}.  One of the more fun projects on the list was to start working on our invitations.  I have a linoleum block of two turtle doves, carved by my father, that was used for my parents wedding invitation 35+ years ago.  How could I not use it on our invitations!?

As I sat there test printing on different types of paper, sizes, and colors, I started to think about how a lot of my creativity and ingenuity comes from my dad.  My dad is the ultimate do-it-yourselfer, has never parked a car in his garage {where would you put all of the tools}, and is addicted to Google Sketchup.  When I was younger, I would spend hours hanging out in the garage seeing what he was up to, asking questions, and eventually working on my own projects.  Now our house is not only filled with a million of my project, but also dotted with his old projects too.

As his 60th birthday approaches, I just wanted to say Thank You Dad!  I truly am my father’s daughter and I would not be where I am today with out your help, guidance, and support.

Test Prints

Copper Repousse

Layered Wood Piggy Bank

End Grain Clock with Inlay

Spider-Man Lino Block

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