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Searching for Sugar Man

It was two days ago that I was telling a friend about an ACL aftershow, that I saw several years ago, with Dan Auerbach and Rodriguez.  I went on to tell the story of Rodriguez, the musician turned construction worker that unknowingly had amassed popularity, rivaled by Elvis and the Beatles, on the other side of the world in South Africa and Australia. Apparently the world was telling me something because later that night, when I accidentally switched channels instead of turning off the TV as I intended, I was sucked in by the full orchestra that began playing on David Letterman.  It only took a second to realize that they were backing up Rodriguez!  Crazy!!

Rodriguez is now the focus of a new documentary, Searching for Sugar Man, that tells the whole tale, better than I can.  Check out his performance on Letterman and the trailer to Searching for Sugar Man below, and you can purchase his original 60’s album Cold Fact here!

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