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Tourist Trap circa 1970

Off Hwy. 23 N, just outside of Dodgeville WI we were lured to the parking lot of the Don Q Inn by a giant Boeing C-97 in their parking lot.  We had just been to The House on the Rock {another amazing tourist trap in central Wisconsin} and felt compelled to stop and check this out as well.  While touring the retired Stratofreighter, I found these postcards from the Don Q Inn.  And all I can say is, Why didnt we get a room here!!!!  If you are ever in central Wisconsin and want a an interesting story, this might be just the place to stay.  And yes, that is a 300 gallon copper cheese vat bathtub in the Blue Room.  Full disclaimer, we never went in to see the rooms and judging from the postcards, these pictures were taken a long long time ago, but it just might be worth a shot!

Northern Lights & Sherwood Forest

The Blue Room and The Swinger

Pink Cadillac & Jungle Safari

The Cave and Glass House

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