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Summer – Its not over yet!

While the rest of the country might be thinking of cooler weather in the future, we are just hitting our hottest month here in Austin.  People always say, “I guess you just get used to it…” but the truth is, you never get used to it!  You just learn how to prepare.  Now that we have officially hit triple digits I wanted to share a few secrets.  I am about to head to Chicago for Lollapalooza {to see my man play!}, and I am sure I will bring these little extras to make the sweltering temperatures affecting the mid-west a little more bearable.

First and foremost, loose fitting clothing is a must -no belts or tight tops!  This tent dress from Modcloth is perfect.
Billowing Beauty Dress, $63

A large straw hat will shelter your face and shoulders.
Palm Straw Hat, $13

A handkerchief or bandana to wipe away the sweat from your brow.
The Hill-Side Bandana, $46

My ultimate secret weapon, a fabric hand fan.  I always have one in my car and one in my purse!
Fancy Hand Fans, $20

Eco deodorant for quick touch-ups.  When you smell better, you feel better.
Verdon Fresh Stick Deodorant, $16

And the perfect summer clog, keeps your feet out of the dust and lets you feel stylish while dealing with the heat.
Sweet Caroline Clogs, $149


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