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I have to say, visiting San Francisco for the past 5 days in July has been pretty amazing.  Leaving the Austin heat for just a little while can really refresh and set your mind right.  Before and after the Renegade Craft Fair we were able to take some time to check out some new shops, neighborhoods and eateries.

On Friday we check out the scene and shops along Divisadero which felt particularly like Austin’s Eastside – a little gritty, a lot hip, but it still felt real.  I had a mission to visit a new store of ours, The Parish Trust, who will be receiving their first order of fail in the next few weeks.  The store is a well curated grouping of curiosities, collectables, jewelry and accessories and houses a Warby Parker shop in the back.  I am honored that fail will be a part of the family!

Right next door we grabbed coffee at Four Barrel‘s future bakery and coffee shop.  The gutted store front had a small tent with barista setup inside.  It was pretty charming, the coffee was damned good, and they were nice enough to let me use the restroom {yep, thats a port-a-potty in a little wooden shed in front}!

Next we headed down to another recommended store, Rare Device.  Rare device carries wonderful graphic textiles, jewelry, ceramics, art, and great treats for the little ones in your life!

A few nights later {after the show had thoroughly worn us out} we came back to visit the strongly recommended NOPA.  Perched on the 2nd floor with a birds eye view of the kitchen and prep line, we quickly realized we were in for a treat!  We started with a champagne mint drink called “the old cuban”, next was the flatbread, then the porchop, a side of the broccoli with anchovies, and finally the sopaipilias.  Yep, pretty amazing and although we expected to drop a lot, we left full and happy with our smaller than expected bill!

Definitely check out this neighborhood next time you are in SF!

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