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New in the Shop {Metalepsis}

I just had to show you the latest addition in the shop and online, the Metalepsis Project!

The Metalepsis Project is inspired by mid-century Scandinavian sensibilities in combining linear and curved geometries, and by the art and methodology of Sol Lewitt.  Often Lewitt’s works [such as DRAWING SERIES I, II, III, IIII (1969-1970; pen and ink), ARCS FROM CORNERS AND SIDES (1972; pen and ink) and STRAIGHT AND NOT STRAIGHT LINES (1972; pen and ink)] visually explore all methods of combining groups of modular geometries. Similarly, the Metalepsis Project collection comprises a series of cast bronze modular geometries that can be paired in an array of ways.

We have selected some amazing combinations to bring into Schatzelein for summer.  The weight and scale of these pieces is particularly nice.  I have a feeling these babies are going to move FAST so get yours while you can!

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