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We are making jewelry now…

Natalie forwarded me this sketch last night and I just had to share!  I recently started watching Portlandia on watch instantly and of course, I love it!  Honestly, the show could be called Austinia {yeah, it doesnt work as well} and it would be just as appropriate!

Even though someone in my position might take offense, get self conscious, or start hating on all the other new found jewelry artists, I choose to take a different approach.  I think that we all have to find some humor in ourselves and in our world, and not always take ourselves so seriously.  If we keep doing what we are doing, to the best of our ability, with passion, creativity, and enormous amounts of positive energy, we can be confident in our mission.  So, with that said, enjoy, laugh, and make fun of yourself a little.  I am sure Portlandia has a skit tailor made for you too!

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