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Bridal Headpiece

I was approached by my good friend Jackie to create a custom headpiece for her sister Nicole’s wedding in Chile earlier this year.  It wasn’t a project I would have come to on my own, so I really enjoyed the challenge.  We had some inspiration from a local bridal shop in Chile and a color scheme, but the rest was up to me.  I opted for vintage copper filigree pieces, vintage brass chain, rainbow moonstone, whiskey quartz, and pearl.  It was definitely Art Nouveau inspired, romantic, and feminine and the perfect compliment to Nicole’s delicate lace dress.  I love how it turned out!

Now that I finally snagged a few images of the wedding {amazing}, I wanted to share the piece in action.  Although I don’t think I would add these to my collection permanently, I would love to get more commissions for one-of-a-kinds!

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