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I recently stumbled onto the website for Japanese based metal studio, Futagami.  Although I was unknowling very familiar with the Futagami bottle openers and trivets sold at my favorite gift store, Spartan, I realized there was so much more to the collection.  Their website is in Japanese and not necessarily the most informative but I did gather a little info from Analogue Life which I included below.  I am pretty much obsessed with everything and the pendant lamps especially!

Toyama based Metalware company Futagami has been producing handcrafted brass and bronze objects for over 100 years. Their collaboration with young designer Masanori Oji has produced a unique and elegant series of contemporary household products. Futagami’s use of varied casting techniques and finishes result in products that range from smooth and modern to textured surfaces that invoke an antique feeling – via Analogue Life




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