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Round Top {Lighting}

My man and I headed out to Round Top last weekend on a mission to find a light fixture for our dining area.  For those of you who dont know, Round Top is a bi-annual flea market and antique fair 1/2 way between Austin and Houston.  Round Top caters to everyone with selections from antiques to shabby chic, just plain junk, and corporate buyers looking to outfit a new hotel or restaurant.  It can definitely get a little overwhelming {especially if you find yourself running in circles, lost in one of the Shabby Chic areas} but if you have a mission like we did, it makes searching the miles of tents pretty enjoyable.

I snapped a bunch of pictures of the lights we came across and pieces that inspired us.  In hopes of keeping the price down, we were trying to find an object rather than an actual vintage fixture with plans of wiring and modifying ourselves.  I have to say, I think we hit the jackpot!  We met a sweet old man behind the Saloon who had a plot filled with old rusted parts from barns, ranches, and chicken farms throughout Texas.  We bought a huge chicken warmer from an old chicken farm in Brownwood Texas for a mere $45!  We are still ironing out all the details on the installation but I will absolutely keep you posted on the project.

The Winner!

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