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Finnish Himmeli Mobiles {DIY}

Yep, I am talking about mobiles again!  I know, I am sorry, but I was just so excited when I opened my daily inspiration email from Remodelista with a DIY tutorial on Finiish Himmeli Modiles, and I just have to share it with you.  I am getting majorly inspired by the mobile above designer Momo Suzuki (taken by Jeana Sohn during her Closet Visit) and we already know that I love the mobiles by AMRadio.  I am thinking this is a great project to ring in the new year!

Momo Suzuki


Elise Marley

This project uses the same straw I used as a child to make our traditional German straw starts for our Christmas tree.  You can find them here.  Below are the instructions from Elise Marley and you can check out her entire DIY post here.

1.Take a piece of thread about twice the length of your arm and thread the yarn needle–no need to knot it. String four straw pieces almost to the end of your thread. Pull the threads until the straws meet, but don’t pull too hard or you will split the straws. Then tie a square knot (that’s the plain old kind).  You can trim the end, but don’t cut the working thread.

2. Now pull the thread through two straw pieces and

3. Secure them at the opposite end.

4. Thread two more pieces and tie at the top (the opposite end you just strung them from)

5. Take your needle back through one of the straws, so it comes out in the middle.

6. String one straw at a time securing it where the next straws meet. Do this four times and tie a knot.

Trim all your threads and decide which way you would like it to hang. Loop your thread at the top point and tie it together. Now hang up that nice looking ornament you just made.

P.S.  Did you know that if you create a profile on Remodelista, you can get daily emails with all the highlights!  It has become one of my the emails I just cant delete without checking every day!

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