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Modern Sewing Patterns

I wanted to do a post about modern and independent sewing patterns and pattern-makers.  It turned out to be A LOT harder than I initially thought!

In this DIY world, I assumed there were some youthful, fashion forward, and well designed resources out there.  The only designer-turned-pattern-maker I knew of was Built by Wendy.  In 2006 she began publishing the “Sew U” series of sewing books and even collaborated with Simplicity Pattern Company for the “Built by You” series of patterns. But there had to be more!?

I finally dug down and found some really great patterns that I could, with strategic fabric choices, make into a current fashionable piece.  What I did discover in abundance, however, was vintage patterns from the 20’s onward.  Even many of the new patterns seem to be vintage inspired.  Maybe that’s because the last time women sewed their own close in mass was in the 50’s and 60’s.  Maybe the styles of the time were also influenced by the home seamstress. Who knows?

I plan on doing more research and hoping down the road to Stitch Lab to see their pattern offerings too.  If you have any, please please please let me know of your great pattern finds!

Colette Patterns

Decades of Style

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Amy Buttler

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