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As I get older, I have noticed that I value small, intimate gatherings as ways to stay up to date with old friends, get to know new ones, and generally have interesting, varied and stimulating conversation.  Long gone are the days where I find myself valuing the interactions at large parties.  Sometimes, the small gathering is simply me and my man, a homemade dinner, and some boxed wine!  Either way, the connections and conversation are honest and intimate.

Kinfolk is a collaborative project involving over 40 artists devoted to the art of the small gathering.  Their approach, in their own words, is “simple, uncomplicated, artistic and uncontrived.”  Their online magazine just launched and is nicely word intensive, supported by beautiful imagery.  Based on the welcome and the the first few stories, I am excited to read the rest and am already dreaming of my own wilderness escape!  Below is a taste to get your interest peaked.

Also, check out their blog.  Definitely on the frequent read list.

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