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Ceremony I

I am excited to announce that Schatzelein now carries contemporary ceremony rings!

In keeping with our mission, we focus on understated, elegant, and budget conscious choices for the modern woman and man.  Weather it is a vintage or newly handmade piece, we strive to offer something unique and unexpected.  We also pride ourselves on having close relationship with all of our designers, and work to make the ring selection, and order process, as easy and pain free as possible.

Below is a selection of women’s rings from Ariko Jewelry.  They are perfectly sweet when worn alone or in addition to another band, and for some women they might just be amazing stackable rings!

14k gold, sterling silver & three dimamonds . $219

14k gold, white & black diamonds . $530

14k gold, sterling silver & oxidized sterling silver . $188

14k gold & diamond . $422

14k white gold & sapphire . $388

View all of the rings for HER here.

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