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If you have been in the store lately, or seen the bag I am currently carrying, you know I have a love of vintage Coach bags.  It all started with my first (and best) vintage coach purse with an awesome little coin-purse on the outside.  I got it when I was 14 at the neighbors garage sale.  It was made in 1980 and was as old as I was.  10 years later when I had it re-finished by a cobbler here in Austin I was told “they just dont make them like this anymore, these zippers wont break… just condition it and it will last you a lifetime”.  So you can imagine my excitement to find out via Honestly WTF that Coach was reissuing five iconic styles exclusively for Net-A-Porter.

It is really nice to see a iconic brand actually go back to its roots and creating items that are well designed, well crafted, and will last a lifetime!

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