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fresh-made wedding bands

Last week Andre and Koko stopped into the shop on a sightseeing excursion in Austin.  It was pretty touching when they decided to make my signature fail simple knot ring their wedding bands!

The nature of the ring is such that I cannot make exact size- I fold the wire over a little more, or a little less, the size changes completely. I had to make 4 different rings before we finally got Andre’s to fit but Koko’s was a bit easier and I got it on the first try!

Andre is German (they came into the store because “schatzelein” caught his eye), Koko is Japanese, and both live, work, and blog in Tokyo.  They also took pictures of me and Jessica for their blog (one picture from the front and one from the back) and asked us two questions: “What is life” & “What is death”.  I didn’t get the blog name but did get their email and will hopefully forward the info when I get it!

This totally brightened my week!

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