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It is definitely that time of year in Austin… biking, barton springs, events, festivals, visitors, warmer days (and thankfully still cool nights), and so many other reasons to just take it easy.  Such was the case last Saturday.  Our dear friends Megan and Robert were generous enough to open up their Travis Heights bungalow for a down and dirty good time!  They boiled 7 batches of crawfish, filled a trough with cold beer, and even had a local brass band, Best Best Best Friends, come out to keep us happy’ when the food was all gone.

It is only their second year hosting the event and I know that it will be a tradition that we all take part in for a long time to come!  Next year, liquor sponsor!  (hint hint Deep Eddy)

Did I mention that I am IN LOVE with Megan’s amazingly awesome vintage Ford.  Wood steering wheel and all!  It might just let me consider the proposition my man throws out every few months to get us a truck.

I only hope the chickens have recovered from the trauma!

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