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the day after tomorrow

It isnt often that a radio show inspires me to go home and look up a story hours later. yet after hearing a story on Marketplace that is exactly what I did.  Artist, photographer, and Documentarian J Henry Fair captures the results of extreme industrial processes on the earth via aerial photography in his new book, the day after tomorrow.  He is explicit in the aims for the book, focusing on the power that a consumer has to shape the world through the purchase decisions that they make.

“The reasons that these pictures are so effective is because they’re both horrible and beautiful. By stimulating curiosity, we can hopefully get people to ask questions and when they get the answers, consider the consequences of a given purchase. When I speak to schoolchildren, I only exaggerate slightly when I tell them that the most important decision that they can make is which toilet paper to buy. And that seems laughable, but one toilet paper promotes deforestation of old growth forests, and another toilet paper promotes the recycling chain that we really want to promote.” via Marketplace

So, what kind of toilet paper do you use?

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