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I found Manimal this morning in my inbox via Daily Candy.  I really really wish I would have found them this past fall, but you can be sure I will be wearing their moccasins by next! Expect some of the S 2011 jewelry in the store this spring!

In their own words – a little about their F/W 2010

Taking cues from Inuit imagery and the darks and brights of winter—
this collection features contrasts in texture and weightier leather moccasins perfect for stomping around on cold winter nights.

Appliqued details borrow shapes from mask and totem pole art to give
wearer’s a beautiful option for carrying themselves and belongings through chaotic city streets and silent wooded paths.

And let’s be honest—these pieces are going to look great with your
sisters threadbare Guns n’ Roses tee shirt that you stole away when she went to college.

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