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Fluid | Fall 2017 Collection

Fall brings in the introduction of organic lines and shapes as the first steps in a new direction within my new collection, Fluid.

For fall, I wanted to start incorporating a wavy silhouette into traditional fail forms. I have been solidly rooted in geometry for the past few seasons, and have definitely felt a push toward breaking out of those self-imposed molds.  The Wave Cuffs stacked together are my new absolute favorite combination, the Femme Necklace was the darling of the show in NYC, and the new Wave Hook and Thin Wave Ring are a foundation I will continue to build upon moving forward.  

I also updated 4 Classic fail styles with new extra large versions, because if you haven't noticed, bigger is better these days!  

fluid bastet hoops and femme necklace in bronze and sterling silver by fail jewelry

extra large hoop and hook earrings by fail jewelry

silver hammered wave cuffs by fail jewelry

silver and gold fill wave rings by fail jewelry

14 k gold fill and silver wave hook earrings and thin wave rings by fail jewelry

fluid pendant necklace in bronze and silver by fail jewelry

fluid collar necklace in silver by fail jewelry

small fluid bastet hoops in bronze and sterling silver by fail jewelry

I've been wearing my XL Oval Hoops now for three months and absolutely love them! Oval's are a great alternative hoop shape for many who find wearing round hoops difficult (those of us who have piercings that face outwards, causing regular round hoops to stick out sideways, like me!!!).

So why wait, shop the collection online & in-store.

Photos by Cassandra Klepac

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