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Libertine Fragrance

Perfume without pretense.

Libertine is an act of creative expression, a refuge for beauty and curiosity. No celebrity endorsement, no marketing meant to make you feel lesser than, no gender stereotyping; just the highest quality aromatic materials, beautiful design and amazing fragrances.

Libertine Fragrance is a line of perfume that celebrates the senses, the deep enjoyment of the world and the appreciation of the self. 

While these pieces are not available for purchase on our website, you can contact us to buy them directly. 


hinoki & moss incense cones - $30

hinoki wood (japanese cypress), cedar wood, moss



palo santo incense cones - $30

citrus, desert lavender, palo santo wood



eros fig eau de parfum - $110

citrus, warm spices, black currant, green fig leaf, dried fig, coconut, sandalwood, egyptian rose, benzoin, honey, ambrette seed



soft woods eau de parfum - $110

black pepper, juniper berry, balsam fir, rose de mai, frankincense, vanilla bourbon extract, musk



sweet grass eau de parfum - $110

tobacco absolute, mimosa flower, oak moss, rosemary, hay absolute, tonka bean

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