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Love Story: Bryan & Whitney

Fail Jewelry has had the honor of designing and making custom rings for beautiful people and occasions, it's our privilege to be sharing their stories. Meet Bryan and Whitney Fail, also known as Christine's brother and beautiful sister in law.

Bryan knew just who to turn to when it was time to pop the question. And because of how much he and Whitney love and trust Fail Jewelry, he left the design process almost entirely up to Christine.

“Not intimidating at all to design a ring for me future sister in law”, she joked.

Whitney knew she wanted a pear shaped ring, and that she wanted it to be gold, leaving Christine with tons of creative freedom. Knowing her brother wanted the center, pear shaped diamond to make an impression, Christine pulled out the sketchbook and got to work on designing something they’d both be happy to look at as a representation of their promise to forever.


“It was the first time I designed this type of setting for the smaller flanking diamonds in the band, and I absolutely loved the result. It has become a favorite setting style that you see in a lot of my one of a kind rings”, Christine explained sifting through the old sketches.

Even though Bryan had told Whitney he wanted to go to the beach to celebrate his new job, when it came time for the proposal, Whitney admits, “I had a hunch”.

Which Bryan quickly followed with “she went and had her nails done right before we left!”

After a long day in Port A, where Bryan apparently “was playing it super cool”, the couple headed to dinner where things got interesting. There was a loud but fun group of guys at the table next to them, who Bryan and Whitney ended up joining. One of the men kept joking “when are you going to marry this girl?!” Whitney could not believe what was happening and felt as if she were being set up  — could this be part of the proposal?! Luckily, the random men were just a playful coincidence and Bryan had something more romantic up his sleeve.

That night, after a romantic walk down to the beach, Whitney sat in the shallow water of the ocean, and Bryan came up to sit behind her. And with as much confidence as he had kept all day, he wrapped his arms around her and held the ring out, asking the big question.

The two both giggle at the memory, and Whitney looks at Bryan blushing, “it’s been a while since we’ve talked about this!”

What a special design process and experience this was. Here’s to you, Bryan and Whitney, and the growing Fail family!

You can explore our engagement and wedding rings here. If you're interested in a custom piece, please inquire here to set up a personal consultation. We'd love to make something beautiful with you.

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