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Love Story: Mariska & Steve

Fail Jewelry has had the honor of designing and making custom rings for beautiful people and occasions, it's our privilege to be sharing their stories. Meet Mariska and Steve.

This Love Story ends in tears - the sweet, heartwarming kind. Mariska had loved a rose cut, ruby ring done for a mutual friend of her and Christine’s, “because of its low profile and artisan look”. Okay, now we’re really getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s start at the beginning, which ironically goes backwards.



Steve knew that he would want Mariska’s input on a custom engagement ring so instead, he came to Fail to purchase the wedding band to use during the proposal. He chose the classic beauty, the Coral Ring. The couple had been together for a few years before he decided to get down on one knee, and the choice to go wedding band first showed just how sure Steve was that the two we’re meant to be together forever.

After a long day of incredible sight seeing on a safari in Kenya, Mariska found herself relaxing in a luxurious tent over looking the Talek River. “Below our deck the river was teaming with hundreds of hippos! He got down on his knee right there and asked me to be his forever,” Mariska tells us with so much love in her tone. With each word, it became more and more clear that the proposal was a fairytale experience, and that Steve giving her the joy of being part of her own ring design was the cherry on top. “I think he knew better than to design without my approval,” Mariska joked.



It was later that Mariska came to Christine to create the ring of her dreams. The best part? Mariska didn’t know exactly what that looked like, “but I guess Christine did,” she exclaimed, “because really, how can someone make something this beautiful? How!” Mariska went on.

Christine begins to share, “it all started with a one of a kind center stone, and the design just built from there. I convinced Mariska to trust me when I found that very unique pear shaped, rose cut diamond. I just knew it was going to be stunning,” and goes on to tell us, “and when I unveiled the finished ring weeks later, her tears said it all! Mariska may have been the first person to cry when receiving a piece of jewelry from me.”



Steve and Mariska, thank you so much for this special story and treasured memory!

You can explore our engagement and wedding rings here. If you're interested in a custom piece, please inquire here to set up a personal consultation. We'd love to make something beautiful with you.


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