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Satomi Studio

Energy and precision unite in the natural world. Kristina Kada's handcrafted jewelry is inspired by this vital balance. The vigor of life meets the detail of art in her scatter of organic shapes over architectural forms.

Kristina translates her ideas from pencil sketch into metal by using classic techniques including soldering, piercing, forging and wax carving to meld freehand elements with her original castings. Satomi Studio makes it a priority to use reclaimed metal and source responsibly mined gemstones whenever possible.

Each piece is designed and meticulously crafted by hand. By wearing these unique pieces, you carry the eager spirit of Satomi Studio with you.

While these pieces are not available for purchase on our website, you can contact us to buy them directly. Most pieces are also available in sterling silver. 



brass long bar earring - $47



brass bambu chandelier earring - $101



brass bambu shoot earring - $61



brass bambu link necklace - $101



brass 3 dot studs - $41



brass triangle studs (pair) - $34



brass stacking u earring - $34







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