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Variance Objects

Variance Objects is the jewelry line of artist Nicole Rimedio, whose work seeks to highlight the beauty of raw materials and to allow for those materials to guide her process.  The way the stones are cut and polished to preserve their inherent textures, colors, and qualities of light dictate the unique and individualized fabrication of settings. A hallmark of Variance Objects is the interesting mixture of metals which, in combination with a distinctive lapidary style, result in organic and exquisitely feral pieces. 

While these pieces are not available for purchase on our website, you can contact us to buy them directly.  

 smashed gold band, 14k-24k blend with palladium - $1034 

14k brazilian emerald stud (single) - $150

white macle diamond ring,14-24K gold blend w14k wg band - $2,600 

rose cut diamond band - $836  

14k carnelian stud (single) - $119

14k australian opal stud (single) - $108 

14k california pink tourmaline stud (single) - $119

seamed band, 14k, 18k and oxidized sterling silver - $616

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