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Community: Young America Creative

Young America Creative (YAC) has been on my radar for a while — I set up beside them at many of the west coast shows I’ve participated in, and friends have had their seasonal prints hanging on their walls for years. YAC is Brian Friel and Meghan Dorria, both formally trained architects and friends who collaborate on some pretty awesome architecture projects in addition to their series of Seasonal Fruit and Veggie posters.

I am pretty interested in local seasonal eating so these prints are right up my alley.  Thanks to the global food industry, most of us don't know anything about what is in season, because a lot of our produce comes from half way across the world, and sit in shipping containers for weeks or months! Seasonal fruits are better tasting and more nutritious, and eating seasonally often means eating locally grown foods, which is good for the environment, supports small farmers, cuts down on pollution from shipping and trucking food, and in-season foods save you money! Alright, enough from my soap box and back to the prints...

Each poster provides a detailed list of the fruits and vegetables that are in season each month providing easy answers to “what’s should I be buying at the farmer’s market?” Along with their functional value as produce guides, they’re beautiful to look at with crisp inks and foil-pressed illustrations. This combination of utilitarian and art makes these environmentally-minded prints truly special pieces.  



Limited Edition Fruit & Vegetable Poster


Images via YAC and Touch of Modern



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