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Engagement Rings for the Untraditional

Wedding practices are changing, and no matter your approach, we welcome you. We create engagement rings and wedding bands for the alternative couple doing things their own way and breaking the molds of what is expected. Maybe you pick your rings together, you are considering alternative stones—and who says there needs to be two rings anyway? The pieces in our wedding and ceremony collection are timeless and contemporary with just the right amount of unexpected details, like beautiful hammered textures, diamond alternatives and imaginative stone settings. It is our belief that engagement rings should be as unique as the couples who wear them.

Rings You Can Live In

Our engagement rings are meant to complement your lifestyle, never get in the way. We focus on bezel and flush set stones over prongs to protect the stone (and your tights)! We set ourselves apart from other de- signers by creating rings that will withstand a lifetime of daily wear. To that end, we focus on only the hardest stones such as diamonds and sapphires, and our bands are intentionally thicker so that they will maintain their shape and won’t wear down in your lifetime.

Engagement Rings for Everyone

We keep our price points modest because we believe that beautiful, high quality rings should be accessible so that all couples can express their union without financial strain.