Wedding & Ceremony

Handmade Engagement Rings Inspired By You

Fail Wedding + Ceremony rings are modern, artisan expressions of your love for your partner. Formed from high quality gold with precious and semi-precious stones, every ring has subtle differences that can only occur when made by the hands of craftsmen and women. Commemorate your engagement, wedding, or special ceremony with a timeless piece of wearable art.

Forged From Fine Materials

Fail’s Wedding + Ceremony rings are made from 14k gold with beautifully set diamonds and semi-precious stones. Christine’s designs use high quality materials that are made to endure a lifetime of wear—all for an accessible price point.

The Design Process

Fail Wedding + Ceremony rings are designed and created by artist Christine Fail in her East Austin studio. Each ring begins as a sketch and is carved by hand in wax, cast with 14k gold, and finished by hand into the perfect silhouette. Precious and semi-precious stones are then set into place, bringing the ring to life.

Make it Yours

Fail’s Wedding + Ceremony rings give you the option to make them uniquely yours. You can customize an existing ring design by changing the stone or material, or start from scratch with a completely unique design created by Christine.