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EPIC – Spring 2016



EPIC is my passion project, and is the collection where I get to push my creative boundaries, build my skills as a designer and jeweler, and explore new directions.  For spring I added three new sets of rings into the mix- two sets of hammered bands {above}, and two extremely architectural and minimal rings {below}.  Both are so different from each other, and from the previous designs, but all still speak to me, and hopefully to you to!


I made a heavy-weight hammered band for a friends wedding this past year and was struck by how many people were truly captivated by its simplicity and beauty.  I’m not sure why I am still shocked that friends and customers still find it difficult to find minimal and organic pieces.  I knew that there was a customer looking for simple hammered bands to commemorate their union. My answer was to give you two textures, in three thicknesses.  You can even choose to have a flush set diamond in the widest.

The architectural rings were a complete surprise, inspired by the process and the wax itself.  While they are not organic, I am drawn to them for their simplicity in form which rings true to the fail aesthetic.


Stay tuned, I am currently spending a week with master wax worker Kate Wolf {!!!!!!} and am thrilled to see what beauties I am inspired to make next!

photography: George Barberis

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