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Community: Imaginary Authors

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My friend Josh and I have been on the same show circuit for a while, but it was only recently that we did a little trade – some jewels for his lady for a bottle of his handcrafted perfume.  I don’t wear scent too often, and it usually takes me a while to land on one.  I finally chose Cape Heartache, and it has quickly become a go to, and even inspired a more regular usage, even for just normal every days!

Imaginary Authors is born from the concept of scent and art as provocation. Just like an incredible novel, each of the fragrances is inspiring. Inside each bottle, you’ll find layers of scents creating riveting dialogue that are capable of changing and influencing your own personal story – even taking you to new places!  My favorite, Cape Heartache, is filled with notes of Douglas Fir, Pine Resin, Western Hemlock, Vanilla Leaf, Strawberry, Old Growth and Mountain Fog. Dreamy, right?


imaginary authors


Just like every day is a little bit different, every trip you take with Imaginary Authors will create a new story. Other fragrances have titles like: An Air of Despair, Every Storm a Serenade, Mosaic and Violet Disguise. They are all unique and memorable. Take the scent Memoirs of a Trespasser for instance, it includes notes of vanilla, myrrh and oak barrels. Or, the story of The Cobra & The Canary:

When a tip from a clairvoyant leads 23-year old Neal Orris to a rural Connecticut barn housing his deceased father’s secret obsession, a pristine 1964 Shelby Cobra Roadster, it is the getaway ticket he was desperately searching for. After liberating his best friend Ike from his dead-end job on the family farm, the two hit the open highway. Aiming for the Palm Springs race tracks, their journey is a blur of seedy motels, cool swimming pools, hot debutantes, cocktails, and cigarette smoke. Each stop finds the friends inventing new pseudonyms and personas for themselves, their innocent game hurtling into the depths of decadence and desolation.

It even tells you when to wear a fragrance like this – prescribing it for: “hot, hazy weekdays when you can put your life on hold and enjoy a simple luxury like a fast drive in the country.”  The scent includes notes of lemon, asphalt and leather – perfect for a road trip or an imaginary one.

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Find and shop your own adventure from Imaginary Authors – the biggest decision will be which story you choose first.

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